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A Daycare Center Your Child Will Love

Safe & Loving Preschool & Daycare in Oak Grove, MO

Sunny Days Daycare & Preschool provides the highest quality day care services to families throughout Jackson county. We're committed to providing each and every child with a safe, loving environment and care that meets their unique needs.
Although there is no substitute for the bond between a child and his or her parent, day care can provide benefits your child can only gain from interactions with adults and other children outside the home. The attention we provide each child helps build independence, trust and social skills that only come through exposure to those outside their immediate family.
The bonds your child builds during their time with us will help them adapt to changes in their environment as they enter public or private school and the cognitive skills they develop will help them excel throughout their academic career.
For infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, Sunny Days Daycare & Preschool provides a safe, supportive environment that promotes healthy, happy growth.